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Applied LEAN Fundamentals #1 Value

Jeffrey Voas presented The Software Quality Certification Triangle that can be read as: PEOPLE well trained in a good PROCESS should deliver a quality PRODUCT.

This applied LEAN fundamentals series states an expanded reading of that within  the LEAN perspective.

See the Applied LEAN Fundamentals page for the big picture.

We need people working as teams, using a flexible and continuously improving process and then we have a great chance of delivering value to the client.

The first top brick is Frequent delivery of value to the client … that is why we exist for !

The first time I heard about MMF-Minimal Marketable Features was from Alan Shalloway. I translated to Portuguese as MVV, something as the minor version of value.

We, as development organizations, must deliver software that can aggregate value to the business … and more: we must continue to deliver more software at a regular pace.

Besides contributing to the business, what we get with this is that we keep a low pressure environment as our clients know and trust that each  quarter , for an example, they get some relevant piece of software.


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